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Model OSWD-2 Wireless Headset

Model OSWD-2 Wireless Headset is a kind of full-duplex wireless communication product, which integrates the wireless communication technology, digital modulation with anti-noise transmitter; it has features of great security communication performance, flexible communication, and stable system. The power supply of this product can adopt charginglithium battery; in the case of enmergency, it can adopt 2 pieces of 5# alkaline batteries.
The SAR of this series of wireless headsets meets the provisions of the United States IEEE1528-2003, limits by ANSIC95.1, spatial peak is not more than 0.2W/kg.
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Main Technical Specifications:
Operation frequency band: ISM frequency band
Transmitting power≥10dBm
Channel interval: 400 KHz
Channel number: 10 
Power supply: DC 3.6V (special battery lithium or 2 pieces of 5# alkaline batteries)
Standby current≤40mA
Communication distance: 250m (in the open air)
Sound insulation amount of earmuffs≥20dB
Audio-frequency outputof earphone≥85dB
Continuous working time≥15h
Operation temperature: -40℃~+55℃
Max. Dimensions: 218mm×176mm×150mm